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Monthly Report

All member minister's are required to fill out a monthly report, for your convenience this online form submission is provided for you. Failure to maintain a monthly reporting schedule can result in a loss of credentials and removal from the CCFGA. All information entered into the Form and Submitted will be forwarded to the Fellowship leadership for review.

Enter your ministry information to the best of your knowledge and understanding. If you would like to add anything but are not sure where to put it, you may enter it in the Comments Box toward the bottom of the form.

Report for Month of:

Full Name:
First: Middle:*Last:
Home:      Cell:Fax:
E-Mail Address:         Fellowship License#:
Address Line:
City:         State:  Zip:
Ministry Content: Under the Ministry Content Text area, list general information such as Preaching Engagements, Bookings, Visitations, Baptisms, sinners Saved, number of individuals filled with the Holy Ghost and any other Ministry Activities you feel you would like to share with the Fellowship. If you have no content to enter then please simply type the word 'none' into the Content Box.

Comments: Type in any comments that you would like to send to your General Overseer that are not explicitly covered above.