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    CCFGA, Inc.

    Dr. David Long, and the staff would like to welcome you to Calvary Christian FellowshipGA, Inc. we appreciate your interest in our fellowship.  Browse through the pages and if you have any questions contact us, may the Lord richly bless you.

    We would like to thank each and every one of our Preachers in the Fellowship, for all their hard work, and for working together with each other.  God has placed this body together as it has pleased him.  We are grateful to be part of such a great move of God.  Thanks to all of our Preachers and may God for ever keep you and your families.

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What We Do!

We are a fellowship of Pastor's, Minister's, Laypersons and churches that are tired of seeing God's people put down because of their past.  We feel that God has called us out here in the last days.  God says that his gifts and callings are without repentance.  If there has ever been a day that we must be up and about God's work it is today.  We feel that God has spoken to us, for us to go into the enemies camp and to tell him to let God's people go.  That is exactly what we intend to do.  We do not care about your past, we only care about where you are going to spend eternity.

As a fellowship we provide the necessary Credentials that Governmental laws require to exist and function within our society as Minister's of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  If you would like to be considered for membership in the fellowship you can fill out the application on the Minister's Tab.

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Calvary Christian FellowshipGA, Inc. is to be a receptacle in which Minister's can draw from to aid them in spreading the gospel to the lost, whether it be in the field of Evangelism or in the call to Pastor.  We will Credential and stand behind all Minister's that are member's of Calvary Christian FellowshipGA.  We will prayerfully support and encourage them as they endeavor to work for the Lord.  Our goal and vision is to bring together the men and women of God, to labor one with another looking beyond our theological and denominational barriers not separating the Gospel but bringing it together.  We will establish churches in areas as the Lord leads and guides.  We will be a family of Minister's and Churches dedicated to the Glory and Honor of God to win the lost for the kingdom.